Tracking a Student's Progress

The Workspace tool tracks a student's Presented, Practiced and Mastered status with every Montessori work. Select Workspace from the main menu. If necessary change your Classroom or Enrollment Period.

The left side of the Workspace page lists the students in the current classroom and enrollment period. Select a student by clicking on the student's name, the selected student will be highlighted and shown in the center of the page. Choose the selected Area from the pull down menu. The Area's associated works will be displayed in the middle of the page. To update the status select the Presented, Practiced or Mastered progress circle and enter the appropriate date. The left progress circle is associated with Presented, the Middle with practiced and the right circle with Mastered. The current status level for each work is displayed by the solid progress circles. Selecting an empty or solid progress circle always enters a new progress event. To change the date for a progress update select the date icon to the right of the date. Updates are automatically saved.

The More/Less History Triangle next to the progress circles will show or hide the details for each progress update. You can use these details to change dates and remove progress updates. The Workspace progress information is available in Reports and Observations. A Workspace or Observation Report is an excellent way to showcase a student’s progress for parent conferences.