Mapping State Standards to Works

State Standards can be tracked and reported in Montessori Workspace using our Progress Areas. Progress Areas are tags that map directly to your standards and might have names like "Number Sense (State Standard 1)" or "Problem Solving (State Standard 6)". You then link your works to the corresponding Progress Areas. As appropriate you can link multiple Progress Areas to a single work. Once you have setup and linked your Progress Areas to your works you can easily generate a Progress Report. On the report each Progress Area has space for an evaluation criteria such as "Proficient".

To setup your Progress Areas select Administration from the main menu. On the administration sub menu select Progress Areas. Add a new Progress Group and create your Progress Areas within each new group. Progress Areas are what you give a rating like "Proficient" to and usually map to state standards. Progress Groups (which Progress Areas are in) are just to organize areas on the report.

After you have entered your Progress Groups and Areas navigate to Curriculum on the administration sub menu. Inside of each Area, you will find a list of the area's Works with a dropdown next to each allowing you to choose one or more Progress Areas. For each work associated with a state standard select its appropriate Progress Area(s).

Once you are finished mapping your works use the reports to see the power of Montessori Workspace and how it links your works to the state standards. Select Reports from the main menu and scroll down to the Progress Report section. Select a student, enter the dates of the report you wish to create, then click Generate Report. You will see all the works which that student has worked with, neatly organized by state standard. You can also pull in a previous reports to allow for comparison to the current assessment.