Managing Works in Your Classroom

Workspace provides an interface to add, hide, rename, reorder and unhide works in a classroom. You can also create new areas and new works for your classroom. If you are an Administrator you can also change the Curriculum from the Administrative menu item, see Managing your Curriculum.

Select Workspace from the main menu. If necessary change your classroom or enrollment period. The area pull down menu in the center of the page allows you to select the works area. Selecting the Add Area button creates a new area for works. To organize the Areas in your classroom select Organize Areas and then use the checkbox to show/hide the area and reorder by drag-and-drop. If you need to add or unhide a work select Add/Unhide Work.

Each Work for the selected Area is displayed on its own line. By clicking and dragging a work’s left edge you can move it up or down in the list allowing the sorting of works in any order. The “X” found on the work line hides, but does not delete, the work. Select Add/Unhide Work to redisplay the work onto the list. To rename a work click on the Work’s name and select the save icon after you have made the changes.