Student List

Use the Student Lists report to create customized list reports of students. Starting with a Class List, Student Contacts, Birthdays or Allergies you can create a wide range of possible outputs using the report filter and interactive record selection. The report filter lets you interactively select the sessions and days of the week for the list. You can also group the list by the four session and day combinations. For example, you can create a class list for a field trip by showing only the kids that are in school on Thursday during the AM Session.

Select Reports from the main menu and change the classroom and enrollment period if necessary. From the Classroom Lists on the right select the starting list for your output report. The selected list is shown with additional report formatting options available. At the top of the report use the more/less arrow on Filter List to show the session, day and grouping options. Selecting the X at the start of any output line will hide this line from output. Hovering over the top of any column shows the hide column selection. Select X Hide Column to remove the column from the report output. Selecting Print Report prints the report in its current configuration. Selecting Reset Report returns the report to its initial state and resets the filter and redisplays any hidden information.

To view your enrollment numbers for each session see, Enrollment Report.