Moving Students Between Classrooms

Moving students from one classroom to another is a two step process; adding the student to the new classroom followed by removing them from the old classroom. Note: it is perfectly acceptable to have a student in more than one classroom at a time (and you aren't charged extra when this happens).

To add an existing student to a classroom, change to the classroom you will be adding them to by clicking the CHANGE button in the upper left portion of the screen next to the current classroom name. Once in the correct classroom, click the ADD STUDENT button. On the resulting pop-up window under the "Enroll An Existing Student" heading there will be a drop down list that contains existing students. Select the correct student, then click save.

To remove a student from a classroom, change to the desired classroom by clicking the CHANGE button next to the classroom name. Next, navigate to the Students page and then click the student name from the student list on the left. Next, click the UNENROLL STUDENT button. The student should not be removed from this classroom.