Enrolling Students

One way to enroll students into a session is with +Add Student found above the student list on the Workspace, Observation and other pages. When using +Add Student you get the option to select from existing students or add a new student, for more details on new students see “Adding a Student”. The bottom of the page now lists the sessions for the current classroom and enrollment period. You can toggle the students enrollment in any session for any day my clicking in the entry in the table. You can also toggle the sessions (rows) by clicking on the arrow before the session name. Likewise, you can toggle the Days (columns) by clicking on the arrow in front of the day.

You can also enroll students by selecting Students on the main menu and then selecting the student from the list or creating a new student with +Add Student. Next, expand the Enrollment section my selecting the more/less triangle to the left of Enrollment. You now have the ability to edit the enrollment table by selecting individual table entries or entire rows and columns.

A student must be enrolled in a session for the current classroom in order to show up on the student selection list. You can always enroll existing students using the “+Add Student” button found the Workspace, Observation, Attendance, Student, Reports and other pages.