Does Montessori Workspace Have a Parent Portal?

Montessori Workspace does not have a parent portal or have parent access for one simple reason...parent portals don't work. Montessori Workspace has a simple solution to this outlined at the bottom of this article, but first here are three reasons why parent portals don't work:

1) Most parents don't have time to login to a portal. If they happen to have time, they will likely have lost their username, password, or forget where to go. The bottom line is that 80% or parents don't login to portals. Even with a portal, your parents will tell you that they feel disconnected from the school and wish they had more information.

2) The parents that do login regularly often use the information against you. For example, "why hasn't my daughter had a lesson this week?" or "why aren't you focusing more on Math and Science?"

3) If teachers feel that there is a chance (no matter how small) that their private record keeping notes will end up on a portal somewhere, they will refrain from fully using the system.

SOLUTION - Montessori Workspace solves this by implementing an update "push" feature. After a teacher has made an observation, they can choose to push that observation to parents in real time via email. This puts the teacher in full control and is easy and exciting for the parents. To use this feature, look for the envelop button on the Observations page in the application.