Observation Report

Use the Observation Report to output each student’s social behavior and personal anecdotes, work progress, attendance and photos in a timeline format. Select Reports from the main menu and change the classroom and enrollment period if necessary. Select a student from the list on the left. In the Observation Report section in the center of the page you can optionally set an after and before date range using the calendar icons. A series of check boxes select observations, works, attendance, only items with photos or hide comments. When you are finished with your selections select Generate Report.

The Observation report has a section at the top for an optional report comment. If you do not want a comment select the X at the start of the comment line to remove it from the output. Individual observations can be hidden from the output by selecting the X at the start of any line. This only hides the observation from the current report and does not affect the database. Hovering over the top of any column shows the hide column selection. Select X Hide Column to remove the column from the report output. Selecting Print Report prints the report in its current configuration. Selecting Reset Report returns the report to its initial state and removes any report comments and redisplays any hidden observations.