Student Setup

The Students button on the main menu provides the gateway to add new students into your classroom and update existing Student’s Profiles, Contacts, Medical Information, Allergies and Enrollment. Select Students from the main menu and change the classroom or enrollment period as necessary. For new students select +Add Student otherwise select the student from the list on the left side.

In the center of the page use the “more/less” triangles to view or hide the Student Profile, Contacts, Medical Information, Allergies and Enrollment. The Student Profile contains the name and optional picture of the student. The Contacts section creates associations between the student and other individuals. Utilizing the Emergency, Billing and Pick up contact check boxes you can create useful links for each of your students. Medical information contains Doctor, Dentist and Hospital information. The Allergies section tracks allergies and anaphylactic reactions in addition to a notes section.

Enrollment defines the sessions and days of the week each student attends the school. If you have not changed the default sessions, see Setting Daily Sessions, you will see the default morning and afternoon session for the selected classroom. You can toggle the students enrollment in any session for any day my clicking in the desired entry in the table. You can also toggle the sessions (rows) by clicking on the arrow before the session name. Likewise, you can toggle the Days (columns) by clicking on the arrow in front of the day. Setting each student’s enrollment will allow Administrators to track the enrollment numbers for each day and session, see Enrollment Report. This report becomes invaluable when determining space available for new students.

If your access level is not Administrator you cannot edit the Students personal information however you can still add students using +Add Student and set their enrollment.