Navigating Observations

The Observations tool follows a student's journey through the Montessori system. Observations allow you to record your student’s interactions, significant developments and other special moments through the use of comments and pictures. For example, when a shy students offers to help another child with their work you can record the event. Just tracking either student’s work progress would have missed this milestone in a student's development. Observations also bring the work progress into the time line of your student's journey. An Observation Report and its associated pictures provides an excellent tool to communicate a student's journey to their parents.

To enter Observations select Observations from the main menu. If you have more than one classroom you can change classrooms by selecting Change next to the current classroom and you can change enrollment periods by selecting Change next to the current enrollment period.

In the Observations tool students are listed on the left side of the page. To select a student click on the students name. The active student will be highlighted and the selected student's name will be displayed in the center of the page. To add a new student see Adding New Students with +Add Student.

Observation comments are entered in the comment box in the center of the page and images are added by selecting +Add Image. You can add images with our without comments. The date for the Observation is changed by selecting the calendar icon above the Observation comment box. Once you have completed your Observation select Save Observation. The new Observation is saved in the student's list of Observations.

The Observations displayed on the page are controlled by the filter selections below the comment box. You can filter the list by Observations, Attendance, Works and Items with Photos. Additionally, you can set the date range for the displayed list using theAfter and Before date selectors. As your list becomes longer page controls will appear at the top and bottom of the Observations list.

The icons to on the right side of each Observation allow you to Edit Comments, Add Comments or Delete the Observation. Each item in the Observation list supports multiple comments, just select the Add Comment Icon and enter the new comment.