Creating and Using Lesson Plans

The Lesson Plan is a useful summary of each student’s next step for their Montessori works. Lesson Plans are individually created for each student and then summarized in a report for the entire classroom. The current Lesson Plan can be viewed by selecting Lesson Plan on the main menu and if necessary changing the selected classroom or enrollment period.

Workspace provides the interface to create a guide's Lesson Plan. To create or add to a Lesson Plan first select Workspace from the main menu. If necessary change your classroom or enrollment period. Next, select a student from the list on the left side of the page. Selecting + symbol on the right side of a work’s line will add the item onto the Lesson Plan. The selected work will now appear under the Area Lesson Plan on the right side of the page. The list on the right only shows the works for the current student and the selected area. Continue to add works for other areas and students.

The “View by Student” button under the Area Lesson Plan will sort your Lesson Plan by students. Similarly, the “View by Area” button sorts the Lesson Plan by areas. Selecting My Lesson Plan on the main menu will summarize your Lesson Plan and group the result by students. If you don't have computer access in the classroom a printout of the Lesson Plan provides a excellent reference for each of your student's next steps in their Montessori journey. You can track daily information on the printed lesson plan and enter the results at a later time.