Observations and the Student's Journey

The Observations tool tracks a student's journey through your Montessori School. The tool provides a place to record comments that are normally undocumented when focusing only on work progress. These events are significant in the student’s development and should be recorded. The tool also has the ability to incorporate photos into your Observations. For example, with Observations you will be able to capture the moment a student masters a difficult work and preserve their look of accomplishment. Observation Reports incorporate these moments into your parent conferences.

Observations are comprised of date tagged comments and photos plus the student's work status and attendance are automatically included. Every student has their own unique set of Observations. Observations filters are used to highlight a time line journey of individual or groups of categories for any of the students. For example, selecting only “Show Works” displays the students work progress in a more recent to oldest time line. You can also add comments to the work progress using the Observation Tool.

To enter Observations select Observations from the main menu. If you have more than one classroom you can change classrooms by selecting Change next to the current classroom and you can change enrollment periods by selecting Change next to the current enrollment period.