Enrollment Report

Use the enrollment report to monitor the number of students in each session for each day of the week. This report is very useful when determining space available for new students. Select Reports from the main menu and change the classroom and enrollment period if necessary. Select Enrollment Numbers from the Administrative Reports on the right hand side of the page. The report creates a table for the selected classroom with the sessions as the rows and the days of the week as the columns. Each element in the table shows the number of enrolled students. Hovering over an enrollment number will show a list of the students for the specific session and day.

Individual rows (sessions) can be hidden from the output by selecting the X at the start of the line. This only hides the enrollment numbers from the current report and does not affect the database. Hovering over the top of any column shows the hide column selection. Select X Hide Column to remove the column from the report output. Selecting Print Report prints the report in its current configuration. Selecting Reset Report returns the report to its initial state and removes any hidden information.