The Attendance tool allow you to record your student’s Absent and Tardy for any session for any day. The default is that all students are present unless marked Absent or Tardy. You do not have to do anything if your students are Present.

To enter Attendance select Attendance from the main menu. If you have more than one classroom you can change classrooms by selecting Change next to the current classroom and you can change enrollment periods by selecting Change next to the current enrollment period.

In the Attendance tool students are listed on the left side of the page. To select a student click on the students name. The active student will be highlighted and the selected student's name will be displayed in the center of the page. To add a new student see Adding New Students with +Add Student.

The Attendance date defaults to the current day and if you need to change the date select the date icon next to the displayed date. Now select Present, Absent or Tardy by select the appropriate check box for the session. If you need to check all boxes for the entire day select the Present, Absent or Tardy check box at the top. You can enter comments for any session by typing in the text space to the right of the Tardy check box.

If you do not see any sessions after selecting a student make sure the date is not a weekend when you have no school or a day when the student does not attend school. Only Absent, Tardy and Present with a comment will be displayed in your list of Observations.